• 03.22.2017

    Get It In Writing: Using Written Contracts

    “Get it in writing.” They’re four words that you hear all the time and for good reason. When it comes to contracts, all too often a claim arises, or is more severe than it should be, because of a poorly written (or non-existent) contract. A clear, well-drafted contract is the first step you can take to significantly reduce the risk ...
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  • 03.12.2017

    Data and Privacy Breaches

    With data breaches all over the news, it’s no wonder businesses want to manage their exposure to the financial risks that accompany these threats. Data breach insurance is often the policy that companies need to protect themselves. Coverage is especially important because of the expense involved with a data breach. According to a 2015 study by risk assessment firm NetDiligence, ...
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  • 01.23.2017

    Limitation of Liability Clause

    Who doesn’t want to limit the likelihood of potential lawsuits and other claims? Most companies use insurance as protection, but not all claims are insurable. For architects and engineers, the solution often means incorporating a limitation of liability clause into their contracts. It’s an excellent way to limit the amount of liability undertaken by design professionals and adds a layer ...
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