Insurance For Architects and Landscape Architects

Many things can go wrong when planning and designing buildings or public areas. Maybe you go over budget and your client refuses to pay the bill and sues you. Or maybe your client claims the building you designed didn’t comply with standards agreed upon.

Professional Insurance Brokers, Inc. knows that mistakes and misunderstandings happen. And even if there are no mistakes, you still may have risks. Our team has the knowledge to assist you in selecting coverage that fits your business needs.

We Make it Easy. Our coverage is easy to understand and the application is simple. We have carriers that provide:

  • Limits of Liability Beginning at $100,000
  • Deductibles Beginning at $0
  • Minimum Premium beginning at $1,000
  • Risk Management Webinars to reduce premiums available from most carriers
  • Hands-on on Risk Management materials available online available from most carriers.
  • Multi-year policies for eligible firms

Apply Now

Architects and Landscape Architects can apply online, or download a fillable PDF application. Please choose one of the following:

Online Application  Click Here to Download Our Fillable PDF Application Now

If you have questions about this coverage or believe you are not eligible for this program, contact our office at 623-465-5300 or send us an email. We may be able to provide coverage in a similar program.